Company Retirement Plans


Qualified retirement plans offer employers multiple advantages. A well-designed retirement plan can help you attract and retain talented employees and give you the satisfaction of knowing you've helped your employees toward a financially sound retirement, as well as provide you with a tax-advantaged way to grow wealth for retirement.

But offering a plan is a major responsibility. The different options (401ks, Simple IRAs, SEPs, non-qualified Deferred Compensation plans) for businesses each comes with its own set of rules. Some are easy to implement; others are more complicated. Some are qualified plans and others are non-qualified plans. Qualified plans require significant fiduciary responsibility, plan administration, and tax reporting.

In addition, many insurance, mutual fund, and financial-services companies offer retirement plans–each with its own price levels, investment options, and services.

Because we are an independent firm, your goals and needs are our only focus when determining the right plan for you. We work with a low-cost, open-architecture third-party administrator to minimize expenses and maximize quality and service.

We can:

  • Provide a no-cost analysis of your plan's costs

  • Find and design the right plan for you

  • Assist with fiduciary compliance

  • Conduct enrollment and educational workshops for your employees

  • Assist you and/or your Investment Committee with portfolio selection and ongoing plan reviews

  • Help you get optimal value from your retirement plan