Planning & Investing For Women

When you meet with your financial adviser, do you:

– Feel stereotyped as a woman who doesn't understand or can't deal with investments?

– Receive “dumbed down” materials about investing?

– Experience demeaning behaviors, such as lack of responsiveness or language that would never be used for a man?

– Sense you're not being taken seriously, or your goals and interests aren't valued?

Early on in my financial-services career, I saw and heard how many advisers in this male-dominated industry treated women. And it bothered me greatly.

No wonder more than 70% of widows leave their financial advisers within months of their divorce or spouse's death because they have no relationship with the adviser.

Fifth in a family of six, I grew up knowing strong, successful women: my mother, sister, aunts, and granmothers. I've worked with and for women who helped and influenced my career. And my wife and three daughters remind me every day of the challenges women face in getting the respect and rights they deserve.

It seems silly to even have to say it, but I want to be clear: I serve my female clients as I would want my daughters, my wife, my sister, and my mother treated. I provide my female clients with the attention and respect they deserve, by listening carefully to their plans and then helping them achieve those goals.