Our Services

                                   RISK MANAGEMENT

Without insurance protection, a lifetime of savings could be consumed by housing, medical, and other living expenses.

To protect you, your family, or your business, we provide:

  • Life Insurance (Term, Universal)

    • Disability Insurance

      • Long-term care insurance

  •                                                                              INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT

    Investments don't need to be confusing or intimidating. If you don't understand what you're investing in or why, you put yourself at risk. We provide straightforward, fee-based investment choices, including socially responsible and faith-directed options, for your:

  • IRAs (including Simple IRAs and SEPs)

  • Taxable brokerage accounts

  • Qualified Retirement Plans (401k, 403b)

  • Annuities (Fixed and Variable)


  •                              FINANCIAL PLANNING

  • At the core of most successful lifestyles, retirements, and legacies lies a financial plan. We offer both modular (such as insurance planning, succession planning for businesses, and college planning) as wells as comprehensive fee-based financial planning.  We'll work with your legal and accounting advisors on tax management strategies, estate conservation, and planned giving. 

  • Our firm has relationships with a variety of financial services companies, attorneys, and tax experts, so if we don't have a service or product that can help, we'll refer you to a trusted advisor who does.